Hydrogen electronic density at Jupiter interior conditions

Using ab initio molecular dynamics simulations, we calculated the physical properties of the five key planetary compounds namely, H, He, H2O, MgSiO3, and Fe.

The properties of materials for the pressure and temperature conditions encountered in planets and exoplanets are mostly unknown due to the high pressures and low temperatures encountered. These studies aim at exploring the physical phenomena taking place as the pressure and temperature increase to the ones encountered in planets and exoplanets with the most advanced quantum mechanical approach. This is provided by performing quantum molecular dynamics studies based on density functional theory developed initially to describe solid systems. As the planetary regime is beyond the conditions that can be reached using laboratory experiments, the paradigm is to validate the method first in a regime where diamond anvil cell (DAC) and high power laser experiments can be performed before performing calculations in the planetary regime.

These comparison with experiments typically involve measurement of equation of states points (EOS), electrical, optical properties in pressure and temperature. Once validated, the calculations are performed over the whole thermodynamical domain relevant to planetary modelling. This involves calculations from normal conditions and including the gas, liquid, solid and plasma regimes using a single simulations procedure provided by ab initio molecular dynamics simulations.


Hydrogen, the element I swear twenty years ago that I would not touch amid the controversy regarding its Hugoniot and the difficulty of ab initio methods at initially reproducing it. Since then three different versions allowing planetary modelling and shock measurements analysis.

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S. Mazevet

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